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Indie Board Game Designers Podcast Posts

#6 – Chad DeShon

In this episode I talk with Chad DeShon who is the designer behind On Tour, which is a roll-and-write game where you’re a band touring across the United States, and he’s also the creator of He educates us about his mini-podcast and why email is one of the best marketing channels out there.

#2 – Dan Grek

In this episode we’re going to talk to Dan Grek who is the designer behind Itty Bitty Dungeon Delve, which is 18-card microgame for two players where you explore a dungeon and level up. Dan also shares his favorite tools & events.

#1 – Rob Cramer

In this episode, we’re going to talk with Rob Cramer who is the designer behind Turbo Drift, which is an 18-card racing micro game and it’s one of my favorite games. We’re going to talk about how he designed it and other games he wants to design.

#0 – Why

Hello everyone and welcome to episode ZERO of the Indie Board Game Designers podcast! I created this podcast because I’m an aspiring game designer and…