#0 – Why

Hello everyone and welcome to episode ZERO of the Indie Board Game Designers podcast!

I created this podcast because I’m an aspiring game designer and I want to learn everything I can about board game design and there are some really cool podcasts out there that talk about mechanics, or business principles, or marketing.

I want to focus on the designers themselves. So each episode I’ll bring on an indie board game designer and I’ll ask them a bunch of questions. But they all revolve around:

  1. How did you get where you are?
  2. and what did you learn along the way?

Basically I want to know what mistakes they made and how a brand new designer can skip those mistakes.

I realize the word indie is hard to define. What exactly is an indie board game designer? For this podcast I’m going to focus on game designers who are not full time designers. Or if they are a full time designer they work for their own company and it should be a small company.

So as much as I’d love to invite someone from the biggest board game company on the planet onto the show I want to focus on the little guy because that’s who I can emulate – and that’s who aspiring board game designers can emulate.

That’s the point of this podcast to inspire and inform aspiring board game designers.

Thanks for listening to episode 0 of the podcast. I hope it’s clear why I’m making this podcast.

You can follow me on Twitter at @BFTrick

Thanks again and I can’t wait to share the first real episodes with you.

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