#15 – Solo Game Design Challenge

Hey everyone just wanted to share some more progress on my journey as an aspiring game designer. Two days ago I submitted a game I’m working on into the Solo Game Design Challenge on The Game Crafter.

Now I’m not really into solo games. I tend to like playing games with people so I didn’t think I’d submit anything into this contest.

Then another contest had really strict rules. And I pulled up an old idea and dusted it off. And took it from 100 cards down to 18 cards. And that’s when I realized I could actually turn that idea into a game.

The game is called Bias. And it was inspired by this incredible blog post called Parable of the Polygons. I’ll link to it in the show notes.

And in Parable of the Polygons they do a really good job showing you how when everyone has a tiny bias it has really big effects.

One of the reasons it’s so powerful is you don’t think a tiny bias can have much of an effect. And that’s actually one of my favorite things about games. They’re very good at showing how complex systems interact.

You can find the game Bias on The Game Crafter. I have a video showing you how to play it and it is really easy to replicate on your own if you want to make your own copy.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments or on Twitter. As per usual I’m @BFTrick on twitter.

That’s B as in board games. F as in Fun. And Trick like trick taking games.

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