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Indie Board Game Designers Podcast Posts

#14 – Pat Brennan

Patrick Rauland: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Indie Board Game Designers Podcast. Today, we're going to be talking with Pat Brennan, who is the designer behind Complicated Board Game the Card Game, which seems like a pretty silly game, which we'll be getting into during the show, as well as Status Report, which just wrapped up on Kickstarter. Pat, welcome to the show.

Pat Brennan: Hello. Thank you for having me.

How Did You Get Into Board Games?

Patrick Rauland: Cool. Let's jump in. How did you get into board games and board game design?

Pat Brennan: All right. I think I probably got into board games the same way that everybody got into board games. I've listened to some of your episodes and stuff like that, and I love that just about everyone I've listened to, everyone starts with, “Well, I started with Magic: The Gathering.” Or, “I stared with this or that.” And yeah, I was kind of the exact same way. Growing up through middle school, I played Magic: The Gathering, I also played a bunch of Munchkin and Risk, and I just have a ton of friends who were really interested in playing board games all the time. So we just played everything that we could get our hands on, and as I got older and I got into college and stuff like that, I think that started the transition to making games. At first, it was kind of just for myself, but eventually, we hit an idea, and we looked around and saw that there was this growing and thriving indie game scene with the self-publishing through Kickstarter stuff when we decided to give that a try and see if we could actually get one of these things made in a professional way, and it worked.