Engagement Announcement

#141 – Engagement Announcement

Hello friends,

Today is a special episode of the podcast. I have some exciting personal news that I wanted to share and then at the end talk about how it affects the podcast.

Achievement Unlocked: Engaged

Last week I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes so I’m now engaged.

So needless to say I’m very excited. Since flashmobs aren’t exactly cool both because of corona virus & because it's 2020 and flashmobs feel like a 2012 phenomenon. I decided to do it in my own special super nerdy way.

I made a mini escape room for her to solve. When she came in in the morning she noticed a ring in a ring box in a cryptex. So she can see the ring but she can’t get it. The bottom of cryptex has a 5 letter lock. 

A puzzle pod (cryptex) containing the engagement ring.
Puzzle Pod (cryptex) containing the engagement ring

That was the introduction to the puzzle. She then had to search for all sorts of other little clues around the apartment. All in all there were 5 mini puzzles and it took her about 20 minutes until she could finally get the ring and she said yes.

The ring & some puzzles
The ring & some of the puzzles

How Does This Affect the Podcast

So how does this affect the podcast? Well we’re planning on a private ceremony and having a few smaller parties when coronavirus goes away. So we’re planning a few different events and it’s taking all of my brainpower and I just don’t have the time to continue running the podcast.

I’m not going to shut anything down but I’m not going to promise to have an episode every week. As long as I have time I’ll release episodes but if I’m behind in wedding planning that’s going to take priority.

This is episode #141 and I feel like I’ve got so much out of this podcast. I’ve met over 100 game designers and heard their stories. I found the traditional route to publishing games and I learned about a few non-traditional routes. I also created, planned, ran a Kickstarter, and fulfilled my own game Fry Thief.

All of that has me wondering if there’s someone in my audience who would be interesting to hold the torch. Maybe it’s you – the person listening to me right now.

I think it might be nice to have someone take the framework of this show, interviewing indie game designers, but putting their own spin on it. Asking their own questions. I only have my own point of view and I’d love to hear someone else’s point of view.

So if you want to interview a few board game designers reach out to me through my website. I’m happy to help you get started with whatever you need. I really think it could breathe a new life into the podcast and give all of the listeners a fresh perspective.

So that’s it for this week. I should have a regular episode next week and I have a few interviews setup for the following week so there will be more content coming. But I can’t promise exactly when it will come out.

I’d love to have all of your help.

Thank You Patrons

I want to say thank you to my patrons on Patreon. They’re currently paying for hosting so because of them it makes sense to keep hosting this podcast so that everyone can hear these past 140 episodes.

I will be posting how exactly I planned this engagement on Patreon. I’ll share my initial plan which I setup before COVID-19 and then I’ll share the scaled back plan during COVID.

Wrap Up

Thanks everyone, keep making awesome games & happy designing.

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