Board Game Design & COVID-19

#121 – Board Game Design & COVID-19

I want to talk about COVID-19 AKA the Corona Virus. A lot has changed in the past week and it’s easy to be depressed.

  • Big events like SXSW are cancelled
  • Professional sports are cancelled
  • University is going online or cancelled
  • A lot has changed just in the last week and even just in the last weekend.

The advice we’re getting from the US government is to “socially distance” ourselves.

  • The White House recommends 15 days where you don’t gather in groups of more than 10 people
  • CDC said to cancel events for 50 people for the next few months

It’s very likely your summer conventions are going to be cancelled. I know I was excited for both: Origins & PAX Unplugged.

And based on some initial news reports I’ve seen we can expect to social distance for 2-8 weeks. I’ve seen other sources say 2-3 months. And others say it could go through 2020. But let’s say it’s 2-3 months.

That would take the pandemic in the US into June. And Origins will likely be cancelled. But maybe if we’re lucky Gen Con in August will still be on.

Pitching Games will slow down. I just received notice from one of the publishers I sent Kintsugi to. They responded and said they like the game but can’t get together until after the corona virus.

So even if you have a really good game you might not be able to sell it right now

What You Can Do

Get Your Games Ready

Learn a new skill!

I’m excited about: creating vectors & 3d modeling.

What you can do:

Keep Yourself Healthy

I normally like to watch a short YouTube video while getting ready for bed.  Recently I’ve been watching news about Corona Virus. And I can’t sleep. I’m anxious about what I should do & how I should prepare.

I’m making a commitment here: to not watch Corona Virus news in the evening. Instead I’ll watch something silly or I can read a book.

So take care of yourself mentally. You don’t have to read every article.

I love following news & politics but it might be too much this season so I’m going to only process it during the day and in the evening let my mind wander into the fiction world.

That’s all from me. Take care of yourselves. Socially distance. Wash your hands. And… keep designing great games.

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