Black Friday 2020

#153 – Black Friday Sale!

Hello & welcome everyone!

It is a special bonus episode and I’ll keep it short. As of this moment right now I’m opening up my Black Friday discount. I’ve mentioned it a few times so far. Here’s how it’s going to work.

If you order 10 copies of Fry Thief I’ll give you 50% off. Use coupon code BF2020.

Don’t worry about memorizing it. It will be all over the site.

Again 50% off the order total if you order 10 copies of Fry Thief. If you want to get a bunch of copies for friends or relatives this is perfect opportunity.

And you can get this on Laidback.Games 

Just a note – this only applies to Fry Thief – the regular 2 player version. I only have a handful of the 2-4 player copies remaining from the Kickstarter and this deal doesn’t apply to them.

And since you’re a podcast listener I’ll give you free shipping (in the US) if you use a super-secret coupon code PodcastLover2020

This deal is valid from right now when you hear this – until the last day of November which is Cyber Monday. The sooner you purchase the sooner I’ll send it out.

So thank you very much for listening. As a reminder:

  • The main coupon code for 50% off (when you order 10 copies) is BF2020. And that’s all over the site
  • The free shipping coupon is PodcastLover2020
  • You can purchase at Laidback.Games
  • And this runs through November 30th which is Cyber Monday 

And with all of that said it’s been a really hard & trying year. I hope all of you unplug, relax, and enjoy the holidays. And maybe even get some game design in.

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